Our long lasting flooring membranes will keep your floors

clean, safe and looking great

 What is a flooring membrane?

 it is a water-based urethane floor finish. 

-  has ZERO VOC content and is anti-microbial, making this perfect for hospitals, schools, government facilities      and so much more!

- maintains a clean appearance with no buffing, burnishing or stripping.

- is easy to repair.

- provides superior durability and scratch resistance and is highly resistant to chemicals. 

- is also highly slip resistant with a SCOF greater than 0.80. One coat is equal to 6-10 coats of acrylic finish.

- is cost effective, efficient to clean and retains its appearance for 3-4 years

- can be applied to tile and grout, VCT, sheet vinyl, vinyl plank flooring, linoleum, terazzo, concrete and rubber. 

- can have varied amount of grit added to increase traction. 

- creates a single membrane over the entire surface area, eliminating seams where contamination collects. 

- floors look great and can be cleaned using only hot water and a micro-fiber cloth.