We’ll remove the dirt you just can’t seem to get rid of!

You can sweep and mop your floor to keep the daily dirt at bay but, over time the dirt is going to build up. Professional cleaning is the answer. We’ll clean your floor or hard surface like it has never been cleaned before!


 Melbourne, Viera, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Vero Beach, Palm Bay and surrounding areas


If you can walk on it we can clean, sanitize and seal it. 

Tile & Grout

Carpet Cleaning

Wood Floors

Concrete / Pavers


Our superior cleaning methods can tackle even the toughest kitchens, baths, entryways, and even your tricky outdoor surfaces too.

We clean, restore and renew your hard surfaces so you don’t have to replace them!


Professional cleaning services keep your business looking great.  We can deep clean nearly every floor surface from the front door to the back – carpet, tile, wood, VCT, laminate, linoleum, concrete, epoxy, rubberized flooring, and upholstery too.

Our superior sealants make a difference!

We offer a variety of proprietary sealants to restore, protect and beautify your floors. Unlike other coatings, our sealants coat your floor with a highly durable covalent bond ensuring protection for years to come. These sealants are stain and chemical-resistant and anti-microbial, which will reduce odors and prevent stains from developing in the grout lines. We can also add a slip-resistant media, increasing the level of safety on your floors.

Michael’s Floor Care is one of only a few trained and certified companies in the application of these high-impact sealants in Indiana.

Our Work

Why Choose Us?


Michael’s Floor Care takes pride in using Eco-respectful products and works hard to only use chemicals that won’t harm your environment.


Our patented cleaning system utilizes high pressure, heat, and high vacuum to remove dirt and grime from your floor.


As we clean, the vacuum extracts all the dirty water, cleaning solutions, and germs. This leaves you with a beautifully clean floor, ready to walk on.


Our system is fully encapsulated, so we can clean surfaces inside and outside without making any mess.


We repair cracked or missing grout and we can even stain the grout to create a brand-new look for your floor.


Michael’s Floor Care can refinish your floor with a sealer that enhances your floor’s natural beauty and leaves your hard surfaces even lovelier than before.

Our Work


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Our Work


Michael Johnson

The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Indianapolis had received excellent service from Michael’s Floor Care for 2+ years. Michael’s Floor Care has not only maintained all carpeting in the restaurant, but had brought the carpet back to life. Michael’s Floor Care has also sanded and polished all terrazzo flooring in restaurant as well as deep cleaning of tile in restrooms. I would highly recommend Michael’s Floor Care to any company, they are very flexible to work with and fulfil all needs of their customers.


Nathan Cook

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Michaels Floor Care has provided a wide variety of services for Broadmoor Country Club for the past three years. We originally hired them to clean our tile and grout in the bathrooms and locker rooms. Since then, we have been so pleased with their work and their prices, that Michaels Floor Care has become our go to company to keep our facility up to the standards of our member expectations.


Matt Vaught

Broadmoor Country Club

We will come to your home or place of business, listen to your problems and concerns, inspect the flooring and put together a free no-obligation estimate for the recommended work.